Getting Ready for a Showing

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A property with darkened rooms isn’t as inviting as a home with all the lights turned on. This is especially true if buyers tour a property late in the afternoon or early in the evening. Making sure that your home is brightly lit is one easy way to give it warmth and comfort.

Unpleasant odors may turn buyers away from a property. Before showing your home, add fresh scents to the atmosphere. People tend to respond best to natural odors such as florals, fresh fruit, or baking. Be careful about using artificial air fresheners, however, since some people are allergic to the chemical ingredients, or may find the intense fragrances off-putting. Even a pleasant odor can be overwhelming if too much is used.

Buyers are very unlikely to remember a dirty or disorganized house with fondness. Put away dishes, tidy countertops, make the beds, and move items such as newspapers or toys out of sight. Sweep, mop, and vacuum to make the home extra appealing. Clean bathrooms are essential.

Remove Trash
There’s nothing that buyers ignore. Even dirty garbage cans can form a poor impression. Make sure that you’ve emptied all the trash in your home, particularly trash in the kitchen, which is one room that buyers tend to examine with special attention.

Give Buyers Space
When buyers tour a property, you want to give them time to see every room and feel comfortable, but if you’re at home then they may feel compelled to rush and leave quickly. If possible, plan to step out for an hour or two. When you need to remain at home, still try your best to give them space, and don’t follow them through the house.

Because some people are allergic to pets, it’s extremely important to remove pet odors and inform buyers in advance that pets may be present on the property. Your listing agent should put a notice about pets into the MLS. Even if buyers are not allergic, it’s always best to remove pets if you can during a tour, or at the very least put them away in a crate, kennel, or less important space such as a laundry room or walk-in closet if you have one.

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