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Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Georgia Move Realty is a client-focused, technology-infused, full-service real estate team. We take the information you have provided us on your property, support it with our own research, experience, and knowledge of the area, and market it to the max. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with our efforts, you can terminate our agreement at any time for any reason--no questions asked.

Our Commission Guarantee

Overpriced listings do not sell. An inflated price looms over a home like an ominous cloud, often leaving a potential buyer with more than location and condition to consider--and good reason to look elsewhere. To avoid this dilemma, we developed our Commission Guarantee.

By combining advanced technological research with our knowledge, experience, and contacts in your area, we can ascertain the most likely sale price for your home. Should you agree to the price we recommend, we guarantee that if your home is not under contract within the first 180 days of our listing period, we will sell it for free.

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